The Cabildo has completed the refurbishment work on the Anocheza track on the Güímar slope, commonly used as a point of departure for paragliding flights. This action, which has had a budget of 107,000 euros, is part of the Tourism Product Improvement Program promoted by the Island Corporation with funding from the MEDI-FDCAN.

The insular councilor of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, emphasizes that this work has improved the conditions of one of the most important takeoff zones of the Island, from which about 9,000 jumps are made per year. “The idea is that this is the first of other similar actions in different parts of Tenerife related to the practice of paragliding flight," said the island councilor, who made a jump accompanied by a monitor from the new runway together to the Tenerife Tourism CEO, Vicente Dorta.

This initiative has materialized thanks to the coordination between the Cabildo, Tourism of Tenerife, through the Department of Tourism Product, the Paragliding Commission of the Canary Islands Sports Federation (FECDA) and always in coordination with the municipalities involved. We must also highlight the collaboration of a neighbor in the area, Gonzalo Mesa, who gave the land for free so that the work could be carried out.

The works, which were developed over four months, consisted of the design of a runway equipped with a cushioning and non-slip pavement, access ramps that allow the deployment of the sails, the stabilization of the existing slope, signage and access control. The runway, which has mimicked the surroundings, has an area of ​​420 square meters and ramps 170 meters.

The act of inauguration of the new runway has also had the presence of the Councilor for Tourism of the City Council of Güímar, Gustavo Pérez; the president of the Paragliding Technical Commission and representative of the Canarian Federation of Aerial Sports (FECDA), Sergio Castañeda, as well as amateur paragliders.

Active turism

The leisure activities represent a great opportunity for Tenerife to increase the competitiveness of the destination since, at present, 56.2 percent of the tourism that visits the Island does some tourist activity during its visit to Tenerife.

The economic repercussion for the practice of these activities is very relevant, around 250 million euros per year, and more than 2.313 euros of income for the entire vacation of these active segments. This figure accounts for 12.4 percent of revenue at destination and 3.4 percent of total tourism income.

Active tourism is a key action axis for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Tenerife, which also contributes to the generation of wealth, the creation of employment and the preservation and care of nature.

Activities in nature, among which are the practice of paragliding, hiking, horseback riding or canyoning, have become a product highly demanded by tourists whose development helps to qualify the destination’s offer.

In the case of paragliding, it is an activity of great boom on the island due to the good weather conditions, which make it possible for this activity to be practiced throughout the year.

By prensa on 7 marzo, 2018


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