Hundreds of almond trees begin their flowering in January and February, offering a unique natural spectacle amid the landscape formed by lava flows left by the eruption of the Chinyero volcano in 1909. Walking among the almond trees at this time causes a unique sensation Of contact with nature.


Hike from Santiago del Teide to Arguayo passing through the neighborhood of Las Manchas which is usually done in mid-February until March, because at this time the almond trees are in bloom and in this area are many of them.


We will start in the square of Santiago del Teide right on Placeta street, behind the church, and continue until we reach the TF-82 road to divert to the right.

Following this road about 500 meters we will turn right and we will go this way another 800 meters until it is finished and a trail begins where we will climb surrounded by almond trees.

Climbing this path without turning us on the paths that we see and after about 2 km we will arrive at a construction where the language of lava of the Chinyero that was heading for Santiago del Teide was stopped.

On the right, we will go along the path that surrounds the mountain of Bilma, but be careful not to turn left along the path that goes to Chinyero.

After a descent by a path of picón we will arrive at another construction where another language of the Chinyero that was directed to the district of the Manchas and stopped leaving behind we will arrive at the Manchas.

We will cross Las Manchas by the street of Los Laureles to continue for the one of Los Manolos until arriving at a track by which we will descend in total about 650 meters finding on the left a path for which we must go.

This paved path goes up about 100 meters skirting south the mountain of La Hoya looking at our feet the neighborhood of Tamaimo and ending in Arguayo that is our point of arrival.

Data of interest

It is a very simple route recommended for the whole family

It is advisable to take some shelter since the route takes place over 1000 m. High and can refresh.


Route distance: 9.71 kilometers

Route type: Hiking

Travel type: One way

Surface type: Earth

State: Proven route

Credit: PapaPateo


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